Caves and tunnels under the castle garden – Sintra, Portugal

Quinta de la Regaleira is one of the many beautiful castles in Sintra, a beautiful place in Portugal. While all of the castles are beautiful and interesting to see, Quinta de la Regaleira stands out because of its amazing garden around the castle. Visitors can wander around the many winding paths for hours, finding waterfalls, fountains and even a hidden cave system!


It is quite easy to walk to Quinta de la Regaleira from the little town of Sintra, since it takes less than 15 minutes. You’ll see the castle pretty quickly, but you need to walk a little further up the hill to reach the entrance. When buying your tickets, remember to take a map of the garden, otherwise you’ll definitely get lost (even with a map we went the wrong way a few times).

There are many small buildings in the garden to see. Take your time to climb a tower, visit a chapel and admire the beautifully sculpted benches and fountains. My favourite things to see in the garden were the waterfall and the well that looked like an inverted tower, called the Initiation Well.

The Initiation Well is 27 metres deep and is lined with a spiral staircase on the side. I thought it looked pretty cool from both the bottom of the well looking up and from the top of the well looking down.

The waterfall and the well are two places where you can enter the cave system. In some parts of the cave you couldn’t see anything because it was completely dark! I liked it, but wouldn’t advise it if you have claustrophobia or something like that, since the tunnels are not that big and there are many other people.

The castle itself is also worth a quick look inside. In the first room you enter, you’ll find a beautiful floor mosaïc with animals about the circle of life. And from the roof, there’s a great view on the Palacio da Pena and the Castello dos Muoros.


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2 thoughts on “Caves and tunnels under the castle garden – Sintra, Portugal

  1. Great post, I loved Sintra. As if Lisbon wasn’t wonderful enough, there are so many incredible day trip opportunities. You are a very talented writer and your blog is amazing, keep up the awesome work!


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