Walking around in Notting Hill – London, United Kingdom

I was in London with friends at the beginning of the summer of 2014. One afternoon, we decided to explore Notting Hill. Just like most people, we knew the neighboorhood from the movie Notting Hill from 1999 with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant (love that movie). We didn’t really know much about it other than what we had seen in the movie, but we heard that it was a cute neighboorhood to walk around and to shop, because there would be many cute shops.


So after relaxing in the Kensington Gardens for a while, we went to Notting Hill. We immediately saw a lot of cute colored houses and some market stalls. There were also some cute shops as promised, so we browsed for a while.


We also saw some antique shops. One shop had hundreds of old sewing machines. So if you like shopping in antique stores, this is the place to be for you! But there are also lots of clothing boutiques and some small art galleries.

You can also spot a lot of green in some parts of Notting Hill. Not only in the parks, but even on the balconies of the apartments. You can buy your fresh fruit at one of the many market stalls, or, if you’re someone that likes organic food, there are also some shops where you can buy organic food. We also looked for the house from the movie Notting Hill, but we should have looked up the address before we went there, because we couldn’t find it.


Our walk ended in a small alley where we saw some really cool street art and took some fun pictures, like the one above.
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20 thoughts on “Walking around in Notting Hill – London, United Kingdom

  1. Love Notting Hill so much! I have actually never seem the movie and went there the first time to see Portobello Road because of Bedknobs and Broomsticks! It’s a wonderful place 😀


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