Blue ponchos and fireworks – Niagara Falls, USA/Canada

The Niagara Falls are some of the most famous waterfalls in the world. It’s a popular tourist attraction and this is for a reason. I was blown away by the huge waterfalls when I saw them for the first time in the summer of 2013 and couldn’t stop taking pictures. We only visited the Canedian side of the waterfalls. You could also see the falls from the American side, but I expect that the view won’t be as great.


I had a sports injury on my leg at the time so it was hard to walk along both of the waterfalls, but normally this should be achievable and it makes for a beautiful walk. I even captured this rainbow!


You can see boats going up and down to the waterfall on the right the whole time. It’s possible to take this boat and navigate through the mist that is created by the waterfalls. You’ll have to wear a poncho though and it looks super touristy but oh well, it also looks kind of funny and it was a great experience.

We decided to view the falls from a huge ferris wheel as well. I thought the city centre of Niagara Falls looked like some sort of funfair and the ferris wheel made it complete.

We also went to see the Niagara Falls at night. The falls were illuminated and changed color every now and then. It was like liquid rainbows were coming down instead of just water. And then there was a firework show which also made for beautiful pictures. I wasn’t the only one having this thought, because it was packed with tourists all trying to get a perfect shot.

It’s true, Niagara falls is extremely touristy. But it is for a reason. The waterfalls are incredibly beautiful and a must-see.

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